Jimmy Atkinson & Chris Loeffler Discuss Wealth Preservation Strategies

WealthChannel’s Jimmy Atkinson recently interviewed Chris Loeffler, CEO of Caliber, to discuss Opportunity Zones and the private equity real estate market.

Highlights of their discussion include:

  • How Caliber is adjusting its Opportunity Zone investment strategy in reaction to this year’s economic turbulence.
  • How investors can protect against downside while at the same time seeking opportunities during periods of uncertainty.
  • How rising interest rates and may lead to falling asset values, and why this may lead to more opportunities in buying existing assets vs. ground-up / new construction.

Visit OpportunityDb.com to view the entire video podcast episode, or visit the @WealthChannelcom YouTube Channel to view highlights from the interview.

Scott Hawksworth
Scott Hawksworth

Scott is Director of Business Development at WealthChannel.