WealthChannel Announces Martin Muoto As Keynote Speaker For Upcoming Multifamily Investor Expo

SoLa Impact’s founder and CEO Martin Muoto will serve as keynote speaker for the upcoming Multifamily Investor Expo by WealthChannel on February 15, 2023.

SoLa Impact — an investor-backed for-profit real estate development firm with a social mission — is the largest purchaser of multifamily apartments in South LA and is focused on achieving market-rate returns while delivering on its mission of “Doing Well by Doing Good.” SoLa’s double bottom line funds have been improving the lives of thousands of residents in some of LA’s toughest neighborhoods through data-driven social impact programs.

Martin began investing in real-estate in South Central Los Angeles, Compton, Watts and other neglected communities a decade before these areas became designated Opportunity Zones. SoLa Impact’s $100 million Opportunity Zone (OZ) Fund was recognized in 2020 as the nation’s leading urban OZ Fund.

“We’re very excited to have Martin join us as keynote speaker for our first-ever event at WealthChannel,” said Jimmy Atkinson, co-founder of WealthChannel. “Martin has a very inspiring story, and as multifamily investors, it’s important for us to be reminded that multifamily development not only produces returns for investors, but also produces returns for society.”

Multifamily Investor Expo by WealthChannel is an online event designed for accredited investors seeking passive multifamily real estate investments. The event starts at 10 AM Eastern time on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Visit https://wealthchannel.com/ to learn more, and register for the event.

Martin Muoto at Multifamily Investor Expo
Andy Hagans
Andy Hagans

Andy is co-founder and co-CEO at WealthChannel.