IP Capital Investment Strategies, With Robert Cote

Venture capital is one of the most well-known sectors within the alternative investment landscape, but it’s not the only way to invest in innovation.

Robert Cote, CEO at Cote Capital, joins Andy Hagans to discuss his company’s unique IP capital investment strategy.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of “IP capital”, including how it differs from typical venture capital.
  • The types of companies and products that Cote Capital likes to invest in.
  • Why the venture model is often a “bad deal” for founders, especially those who want to scale companies in industries outside of software.
  • How the IP capital model protects investors’ downside, while “paying them to wait” and leaving room for upside upon an exit.
  • A preview of Cote Capital’s plan to introduce new offerings for accredited investors later this year.

Today’s Guest: Robert Cote, Cote Capital

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