Why Warren Buffet Is Investing In Oil & Gas, With Ben Fraser

When Warren Buffett decides to invest heavily in a sector, many market participants take note. But in the case of oil & gas, many institutional investors have decided to avoid the sector regardless.

Ben Fraser, managing director at Aspen Funds, joins Andy Hagans to discuss how private investors can take advantage of the same fundamentals that have made Warren Buffett an energy bull.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of the conventional energy “story,” and why Warren Buffett, Aspen Funds, and others are investing heavily in oil & gas in 2023.
  • The factors that are driving continued and growing demand for oil & gas, despite renewable energy mandates.
  • An introduction to the moral and philosophical argument for continued investment in conventional energy production.
  • Why new investment in conventional energy production is needed to even sustain current production levels.
  • How institutional investors, include large asset managers, have avoided allocating capital to this sector in recent years.
  • The most important factors for LPs to consider when evaluating investment opportunities in oil & gas.

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Today’s Guest: Ben Fraser, Aspen Funds

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