Affordable By Design Workforce Housing, With Matt Ryan

As the nation faces a shortage of housing, one possible solution may be micro apartments for workforce renters. Best part: it’s not subsidized, but rather affordable by design.

Matt Ryan, founder of re-viv, joins guest host Jimmy Atkinson to discuss how he and his investors are converting existing housing and office stock into affordable by design workforce housing.

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Episode Highlights

  • What market rate affordable by design means, and how it differs from subsidized affordable housing.
  • Matt’s investment strategy, and why he is bullish on co-living and micro apartments, both for renters and market rate investors.
  • The secondary impacts of real estate development on communities.
  • The real estate markets that Matt is bullish on — why he has left the Bay Area to focus more on Sacramento and Denver.
  • The pros and cons of executing office conversions into residential real estate.

Today’s Guest: Matt Ryan, re-viv

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Jimmy Atkinson
Jimmy Atkinson

Jimmy is co-founder and co-CEO at WealthChannel.