Oil Industry Outlook In A Renewable World, With Robin Winkle

The Paris Agreement (and its corresponding narrative) assumed a certain trajectory of global demand for oil and gas. But what happens when this narrative is wrong?

Robin Winkle, managing partner at Glenloch Energy, joins Andy Hagans to discuss the oil industry’s outlook, and how it differs from the mainstream “narrative.”

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Episode Highlights

  • A summary of Robin’s career, and how he got involved in the oil & gas industry.
  • An overview of the Paris Agreement, and the actual trajectory of global petroleum usage relative to the agreement’s goals.
  • Recent changes in the industry’s corporate landscape, including a shift to reinvestment in oil & gas.
  • How independent petroleum companies historically raised capital, and why this has changed in recent years.
  • Robin’s insights on the minimum scale needed to profitably operate an independent oil firm.

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Today’s Guest: Robin Winkle, Glenloch Energy

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Andy Hagans

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