Cash Flow-Centric Multifamily Investing, With Corey Peterson

When the market enters periods of high volatility, some sponsors and investors will always get washed out.

Corey Peterson, CEO at Kahuna Investments, joins the show to explain why cash flow enables sponsors and investors to withstand any market scenario.

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Episode Highlights

  • The surprising story behind the brand name “Kahuna”.
  • Why cash flow is the number one priority for Corey’s team when evaluating potential deals.
  • Some surprising aspects of student housing that make it an appealing sub-sector for investors.
  • Corey’s thoughts on the current market landscape, including cap rates for multifamily assets.
  • What the word “legacy” means to Corey, both in terms of wealth creation, and also its broader meaning.

Today’s Guest: Corey Peterson, Kahuna Investments

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Andy Hagans

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