Investing In Mountain West Workforce Housing, With Crossbeam Capital

Crossbeam Capital was a presenting partner at Alts Expo October 2023, a one-day virtual event hosted by WealthChannel. In this webinar, Brad Blash presents a unique multifamily fund opportunity.

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Webinar Presenter

Webinar Highlights

  • Background of Crossbeam and its partners.
  • Demographic trends that are driving migration towards mountain states.
  • Impact of water capacity issues on development activity.
  • The desperate need for additional housing in many communities that revolve around tourism.
  • Overview of Crossbeam’s new fund, including minimum investment and structure that provides unique access to LPs.
  • Live Q&A with webinar attendees.

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Jimmy Atkinson
Jimmy Atkinson

Jimmy is co-founder and co-CEO at WealthChannel.