Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), With Jason Ehrlich

As the private equity industry expands and evolves, new strategies have emerged to cover businesses of all types and sizes.

Jason Ehrlich, principal at Fruition Capital, joins Andy Hagans to discuss the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) space, and his firm’s unique private equity strategy.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) space, and how it compares to traditional private equity.
  • Background on Jason’s journey to becoming involved in the ETA space.
  • The demographic trends that are driving growth in the “lower-lower-middle” private equity market.
  • How ETA deals are financed, including with debt financing and earn-out structures.
  • Fruition Capital’s unique strategy as an alternative investment sponsor, and the appeal of this strategy to LPs.

Today’s Guest: Jason Ehrlich, Fruition Capital

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Andy Hagans

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