Tax Advantages Of Farmland Investing, With Josh Guggenheim

Farmland can be an attractive asset class for investors seeking capital preservation and income, but it can provide significant tax advantages, too.

Josh Guggenheim, VP of acquisitions at Gold Leaf Farming, joins Andy Hagans to discuss the powerful tax advantages that farmland investments can provide to High Net Worth individuals.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of Gold Leaf Farming, and its unique role as an asset manager and operator.
  • The four distinct tax benefits that Gold Leaf focuses on, to the benefit of its LPs.
  • How the 1031 exchange is typically used when independent farm owners decide to retire.
  • Why Gold Leaf focuses on specialty farmland in its acquisition and growth strategy.
  • The value of a long term philosophy when operating in the agricultural sector.

Today’s Guest: Josh Guggenheim, Gold Leaf Farming

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