Inside The Oil & Gas Global Network (OGGN), With Marc LaCour

The Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN) is media success story that helps professionals, students and executives stay abreast of industry news and information.

Mark LaCour, editor in chief at OGGN, joins Andy Hagans to discuss the story behind his company’s founding, plus the most important trends in the oil & gas industry right now.

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Episode Highlights

  • The story behind the founding of the Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN).
  • Marc’s journey as a podcaster, including an unlikely beginning.
  • An overview of the cyclical nature of upstream investments in oil and gas.
  • How Marc sees the landscape in 2023, including a surprising lack of new investment, despite higher oil prices.
  • One independent company in the United States that Marc believes potential investors could consider.

Today’s Guest: Marc LaCour, Oil And Gas Global Network

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Andy Hagans

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