Potential Pitfalls For Oil & Gas Investors, With Robin Winkle

High Net Worth individuals have the opportunity to invest in private oil & gas offerings, but there are several potential pitfalls that they should be aware of.

Robin Winkle, managing partner at Glenloch Energy, joins Andy Hagans to discuss what investors need to know.

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Episode Highlights

  • Risks in oil and gas investing that investors should be aware of.
  • Some aspects to consider when performing due diligence on an oil & gas investment opportunity.
  • Why a sponsor’s track record is especially important in the context of evaluating any private investment opportunity.
  • How volatility in the price of oil affects asset prices and M&A activity in the industry.
  • Robin’s thoughts for a young person considering a career oil & gas.

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Today’s Guest: Robin Winkle, Glenloch Energy

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Andy Hagans

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