Portfolio Construction With Alternative Investments, With Shana Sissel

Banríon Capital Management was a presenting partner at Alts Expo October 2023, a one-day virtual event hosted by WealthChannel. In this webinar, Shana Sissel discusses the benefits of adding alts to a portfolio and how advisors can confidently increase partner allocations.

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Webinar Presenter

Webinar Highlights

  • Background of Banríon Capital Management and its founder.
  • The benefits of adding alternatives to portfolios.
  • Discussion of changes in monetary policy over the last three years, and what this means for alts.
  • How regulatory changes in recent years have made alternatives more accessible to investors.
  • How alternatives can lower the volatility of traditional stock and bond portfolios while also enhancing returns.
  • Live Q&A with webinar attendees.

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Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston

Michael is the President at WealthChannel and the host of the Tax Efficient Investor podcast.