MLP Investing Basics, With Stacey Morris

MLPs offer an appealing source of tax-advantaged income for High Net Worth investors, but many investors and advisors know very little about them.

Stacey Morris, head of energy research at VettaFi, joins Andy Hagans to discuss what investors should know about MLPs.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of MLPs, and how they work.
  • The tax benefits of MLPs that are of particular value to High Net Worth investors.
  • Some ways that the MLP sector has changed over time, and how it may evolve in the future.
  • How natural gas is a major piece of the the MLP space, and some current trends playing out in the natural gas sector.
  • Recommended resources for investors and financial advisors to learn more about MLPs.

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Today’s Guest: Stacey Morris, VettaFi

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