Talking Housing REITs & REIT ETFs, With David Auerbach

Sentiment in the REIT market remains a bit of a roller coaster, but market dislocations can create attractive opportunities for investors.

David Auerbach, REIT industry expert and CIO at Hoya Capital, joins Andy Hagans to discuss housing REITs, REIT ETFs and more.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of Hoya Capital, including David’s new role at the firm.
  • The state of the overall REIT market, especially multifamily and SFR REITs.
  • Why build-to-rent remains such a hot sector within the CRE market.
  • Details on the HOMZ and RIET ETFs, and the thesis behind their respective strategies.
  • David’s best advice to all types of investors.

Today’s Guest: David Auerbach, Hoya Capital

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