The Bull Case For Oil & Gas vs. Renewables, With Howard Crosby

Oil and gas are irreplaceable sources of energy, regardless of policymakers’ preferences.

Howard Crosby, chairman and CEO at LGX Energy Corp, joins the show to discuss the “big picture” bull case for oil & gas, especially compared to renewable energy.

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Episode Highlights

  • Howard’s history in the oil & gas industry, including with Cadence Resources, founded in 2001.
  • The cyclical nature of oil prices, and how the commodity has performed since the early 2000s.
  • How various forms of “green energy” may have downsides or tradeoffs that are not disclosed by policymakers or the mainstream media.
  • Why Howard is bullish on oil & gas investments in the Illinois Basin.
  • An overview of LGX Energy Corp, Howard’s latest venture.

Today’s Guest: Howard Crosby, LGX Energy Corp

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Andy Hagans

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