We help alternative asset managers build powerful brands that attract new investors.

Announcing the WealthChannel Coaching Program.

Many asset managers have a great product, but struggle to tell a clear story that breaks through the noise. We can help you to clarify and communicate your unique value, to create a “growth engine” that attracts an evergreen inflow of new investors.

Communicating your unique value isn’t easy.

Many alternative asset managers have a fantastic product and investment strategy, but are struggling to communicate their unique story in a way that advisors and investors can easily understand.

Let’s be honest: the financial marketplace has a constant backdrop of “noise,” that can overwhelm investors with a constant deluge of strategies, products, and brand names.

Moreover, economic uncertainty has made it harder for asset managers to raise capital. In many cases, an asset manager will launch with initial success, but then later “hit a wall” with fundraising.

Get strategic help to fast-track your growth.

The good news is, we can help. Our expertise is in helping alternative asset managers to create a long term strategy that:

  • Clarifies and communicates your unique value;
  • Breaks through the “noise” in a crowded financial marketplace; and
  • Builds an evergreen “growth engine” that can generate a constant inflow of new investors.

Let our coaching program help take your business to the next level.

We have two slots remaining for our 2023 Coaching Program.

Click here to setup a discovery call to learn if this program might be right for you.

About Jimmy Atkinson & Andy Hagans

Jimmy Atkinson and Andy Hagans are serial entrepreneurs and financial marketing experts who work with alternative asset managers to create powerful, industry-leading brands.

Through their successful investor events and podcasts, they have developed deep expertise on how asset managers can communicate their unique value in a way that advisors and investors can understand, and more importantly, will act on.