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A worry-free retirement shouldn’t be a “luxury good.”

Our mission at WealthChannel is simple: provide every investor with resources to feel confident in their financial future. 

Whether you’re looking to increase your knowledge or find a trusted advisor, WealthChannel can help. 

Meet Michael Johnston, CFA

Michael is WealthChannel’s co-founder, and he’s spent his entire career advocating for improved outcomes for retail investors. 

Michael was one of the pioneers of the ETF industry, helping to catalyze the “low cost revolution” that saw trillions of dollars flow from overpriced mutual funds to more cost efficient investment products. 

Now he’s on a mission to ensure every investor has access to unbiased, trustworthy financial advice. 

Investor Resources

For investors looking to sharpen their skill set and take greater ownership of their financial future, WealthChannel offers world-class, completely free resources: 

WealthChannel Academy

WealthChannel Academy covers the wealth creation strategies and tools that every investor needs to know in short, easy-to-follow videos. 

Free Guides

Covering retirement planning, tax efficient investing, investing strategy and more. Our guides are straightforward, unbiased, and always 100% free.

Tools & Calculators

Designed to help investors analyze certain high leverage financial decisions, including situations involving IRAs, 401(k)s, and more. All WealthChannel tools are 100% free. 

Find An Advisor

Looking for a trusted, proven financial advisor to help you plan for a worry-free retirement? WealthChannel can help:  

Financial Advisor Guide

Everything you need to know to determine if you should hire a financial advisor, and how to find the professional who is best for your unique situation. 

Coming Soon >>

Find An Advisor

Answer a few basic questions to get matched with a professional from our directory of vetted advisors. There’s no obligation, and your first meeting is always free. 

The Uncommon Advisor

WealthChannel founder Michael Johnston interviews leading financial advisors about the innovative approaches they take to deliver value to their clients. 

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