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It is cheaper and easier than ever before to create a diversified portfolio and implement proven wealth building strategies. Yet many Americans are in worse shape financially than previous generations.

In fact, the median retirement savings for an American household is just $87,000 – while the median home price is nearly $400,000.

So in a world full of unlimited opportunities, why are so many people falling behind?

And in a world full of free online information, why is it so hard to find a clear, actionable gameplan to achieve financial independence?

We believe that a worry-free retirement be a “luxury good.”

Our mission at WealthChannel is clear: to radically simplify the process of planning and investing for a worry-free retirement.

The WealthChannel Team

Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston (About Michael)
Co-Founder & President
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Jimmy Atkinson (About Jimmy)
Co-Founder & CTO
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Andy Hagans

Andy Hagans (About Andy)
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