WealthChannel produces interactive events for accredited investors and the advisors who serve them.

WealthChannel was created by three veterans of the financial media world: Jimmy Atkinson, Andy Hagans, and Michael Johnston. In the early 2010s, they had sold a financial media business; with the resulting liquidity event, the three co-founders were given a “crash course” in real world portfolio management.

In the decade following, the three co-founders became expert investors using traditional investments such as mutual funds and ETFs, as well as alternative investments including private equity, real estate, and venture capital.

WealthChannel’s co-founders also host popular, industry-leading podcasts in the financial space, where they have made personal connections with world-class investment leaders.

The WealthChannel Network

Our current portfolio of media companies includes:

The WealthChannel Team

Jimmy Atkinson
jimmy @ wealthchannel.com

Andy Hagans

Andy Hagans
andy @ wealthchannel.com

Michael Johnston
michael @ kingsburymedia.com

Scott Hawksworth
Director of Business Development
scott @ kingsburymedia.com

The WealthChannel Community

The WealthChannel team has created a community where the top minds in investing gather… a community where world-class experts can share their best ideas and strategies with other High Net Worth investors.

We serve our audience by providing three things:

  1. Content. Our podcasts and newsletters give accredited investors and advisers strategies to help protect and grow their wealth.
  2. Community. Our interactive events give attendees the ability to ask questions, and interact with other investors and event speakers.
  3. Connection. We connect our High Net Worth audience with investment opportunities (including private offerings) that are open right now.