The Solo 401k Made Simple, With Andy Hagans

401k plans are the workhorse of many retirement portfolios, allowing investors to accumulate significant wealth in a tax-protected account. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are missing out on a massive wealth creation opportunity by failing to establish a Solo 401k.

Andy Hagans joins Michael to discuss who is allowed to use a Solo 401k, run the numbers om creating $1 million in tax efficient wealth, and break down the process of setting up a Solo 401k from start to finish.

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Episode Highlights

  • The requirements and restrictions that limit use of a Solo 401k.
  • How investors can potentially contribute more than $70,000 to their Solo 401k this year.
  • Thinking about a Solo 401k as both an employee and an employer.
  • How to avoid triggering costly penalties, as well as other common mistakes.
  • Summary of the risk associated with using the Solo 401k.

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Today’s Guest: Andy Hagans

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Michael Johnston

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