Puerto Rico Tax Incentives, With Jose Torres

Puerto Rico’s unique status as a U.S. territory with Commonwealth status has created a number of significant tax opportunities.

Jose Torres, founder and managing partner at Monllor Capital Partners, joins Michael to discuss the various incentives in place for both individual investors moving to Puerto Rico and businesses that are established or expanding on the island.

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Episode Highlights

  • Summary of Puerto Rico’s unique status as a U.S. territory and separate tax jurisdiction.
  • History of tax incentives in Puerto Rico, through the introduction of Act 60.
  • Review of the various incentives in place for certain industries, including tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and clean energy.
  • Discussion of the incentives in place for individuals who become residents of Puerto Rico.
  • Analysis of the Opportunity Zone tax incentives that are unique to Puerto Rico.
  • Discussion on the structure of funds that are investing in Puerto Rico, and how this impacts investors based in the 50 states.

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Today’s Guest: Jose Torres, Monllor Capital Partners

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