Tax Savings From Net Unrealized Appreciation, With Tyler Miller

For investors holding highly appreciated company stock in their 401k plan, taking advantaged of Net Unrealized Appreciation rules can mean significant tax savings.

Tyler Miller joins Michael to discuss the ins and outs of the NUA treatment and the importance of planning for tax efficient withdrawals before and during retirement.

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Episode Highlights

  • Overview of Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) treatment and how it can allow investors holding company stock to save money on taxes.
  • Review of the different tax treatments that distributions receive, depending on the type of account.
  • Mechanics of how NUA treatment is accomplished.
  • Discussion of the tax efficient distribution strategies that NUA can enable, and the general importance of planning for withdrawals from tax advantaged accounts.

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Today’s Guest: Tyler Miller, CPA, CFP®, CIMA®, Rhame & Gorrell

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Michael Johnston, CFA
Michael Johnston, CFA

Michael Johnston, CFA is the co-founder and President at WealthChannel, and host of WealthChannel Academy.

Michael previously founded ETF Database, the leading independent authority on exchange-traded fund investing.

Michael's professional experience includes positions in corporate finance and investment banking, as well as entrepreneurial experience as a co-founder and early employee in multiple high growth, venture-backed companies.

Michael graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance. He lives in Oregon with his wife and son.