Vanguard Charitable & The Growth Of Donor-Advised Funds, With Jodi Rosen

Donor-advised funds are an incredibly efficient vehicle available to individual investors and family offices who desire to make a long term philanthropic impact.

Jodi Rosen, chief development officer at Vanguard Charitable, joins WealthChannel’s Andy Hagans to discuss the amazing growth of donor-advised funds, and Vanguard Charitable’s first 25 years.

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Episode Highlights

  • An overview of donor-advised funds, how they work, and their unique advantages to HNWIs.
  • A comparison of private foundations vs. donor-advised funds, including why some Ultra High Net Worth family offices choose to use both vehicles in their philanthropic efforts.
  • Jodi’s thoughts on why there is a “donor-advised fund for everyone,” and the range of account sizes at Vanguard Charitable.
  • Some exciting milestones that Vanguard Charitable and its donors have recently achieved.
  • How to set up a donor-advised fund at Vanguard Charitable, step-by-step.

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Today’s Guest: Jodi Rosen, Vanguard Charitable

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