Alternative Property Sectors Of The Future, With Keith Lampi

Investment real estate is a world that continues to evolve, driven by changes in technology, society, and demographics.

Keith Lampi, president and CEO of Inland Private Capital Corporation, joins WealthChannel’s Andy Hagans to discuss how niche property sectors will be a growing slice of future alts allocations.

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Episode Highlights

  • A brief overview of Inland Private Capital Corporation.
  • Background on the property sectors that have traditionally been considered “core” sectors.
  • Three niche property sectors that have outperformed during recent periods of market dislocation.
  • A “market pulse” for the DST industry in 2023, including its contextual performance relative to the pre-pandemic era.
  • Keith’s insights into future trends in the DST industry.

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Today’s Guest: Keith Lampi, Inland Private Capital Corporation

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Andy Hagans

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