Inside Circuit City’s Private Equity-Backed Relaunch, With Ronny Shmoel

Circuit City was a storied electronics retail brand, that peaked, struggled, and eventually declared bankruptcy in the 2000s. Now, under the leadership of an innovative private equity team, the brand has relaunched and is gaining ground in the consumer electronics market.

Ronny Shmoel, CEO at Circuit City, joins Andy Hagans to discuss how his team is able to compete with Amazon — and win.

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Episode Highlights

  • A brief history of Circuit City, including when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2008.
  • Details on Ronny’s entrepreneurial background, and how he came to acquire the Circuit City brand assets.
  • The strategy (including four distinct sales channels) that has allowed Circuit City’s e-commerce sales to achieve substantial growth in a short period of time.
  • Why Circuit City focuses on customer service, and how this strategy has actually improve the company’s profit margins (rather than being a cost center).
  • How Circuit City is able to compete with Amazon, and why the consumer electronics retail industry is ripe for innovation.

Today’s Guest: Ronny Shmoel, Circuit City

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