Tony Robbins’ Holy Grail Of Investing | Christopher Zook

In the past several decades, the world’s super-wealthy have earned outsized returns by allocating heavily to alternative investments.

Christopher Zook, the founder of CAZ Investments, joins Andy Hagans to discuss why he and Tony Robbins are committed to sharing this strategy with the world. Their new book, “The Holy Grail of Investing: The World’s Greatest Investors Reveal Their Ultimate Strategies for Financial Freedom,” is now available worldwide.

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Episode Highlights

  • The story of how Christopher met Tony Robbins, and later became his business partner and co-wrote a book with him.
  • What “the holy grail of investing” is, as detailed by Christopher and Tony in their new book.
  • Two of Christopher’s favorite asset classes, and how they are largely non-correlated from the traditional markets.
  • Why Christopher believes the definition of “accredited investor” needs to change.
  • Lessons learned from the billionaire “super-investors” who were interviewed in the book.

Today’s Guest: Christopher Zook, CAZ Investments

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Episode Transcript

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Andy Hagans

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