Keith Lampi: In Many Segments Of The Market, Fundamentals Are Incredibly Strong

After a year of dramatic change in the commercial real estate market, the underlying fundamentals look strong in many sectors.

Keith Lampi, president and CEO at Inland Investments, joins Andy Hagans to discuss recent economic data, and what it means for real estate investors.

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Episode Highlights

  • Keith’s assessment of the current macroeconomy and financial markets.
  • Why interest rates might remain “higher for longer,” and how the market has already priced this in.
  • How the fundamentals remain strong in many commercial real estate sectors.
  • The specific sectors that Inland likes, which have relatively inelastic demand (making them resilient during recessionary periods).
  • Why the market won’t hit bottom until the office sector reprices even further (and what’s preventing that from happening).

Today’s Guest: Keith Lampi, Inland Investments

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Episode Transcript

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