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Andy Hagans is a two-decade serial entrepreneur who helps High Net Worth Investors (HNWIs) protect and grow their wealth with alternative investments.

After founding, scaling and selling four different seven- and eight-figure businesses (including ETFdb, now part of VettaFi) to private equity buyers, he realized that there was more potential profit to be made on the buying side of private equity. He went on to purchase multiple businesses through private equity partnerships, and now partners with talented entrepreneurs and real estate developers through GP, Co-GP, and LP investments.

Andy is a co-founder of WealthChannel, the leading community for HNWIs who are placing capital in alternative investments. Andy also hosts The Alternative Investment Podcast, the #1 alts podcast reaching advisors, family offices, and High Net Worth Investors. In the show, he interviews asset managers, family offices, and industry thought leaders, as they discuss the most effective strategies to grow generational wealth.

Andy graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and resides in Michigan with his wife and five children.

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Andy Hagans, co-founder of WealthChannel
Andy Hagans, co-founder of WealthChannel


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Andy Hagans - WealthChannel co-founder. Approved for media usage.
Andy Hagans, co-founder of WealthChannel, and host of The Alternative Investment Podcast. This image has been approved for media usage.