HSA Calculator

When used for qualified health expenses, an HSA can be triple tax advantaged: pre-tax deposits, tax-free growth, and tax-free withdrawals. That makes them a potentially powerful tool for tax efficient investing strategies.

Moreover, HSAs are often described as “Stealth” IRAs, since major tax advantages can still apply to withdrawals for non-qualified expenses. But it’s important to understand all the rules, as significant penalties can apply if certain rules are broken.

How To Use This Calculator

  • This calculator will calculate the expected wealth that can be created by using an HSA to shelter assets from taxes.
  • It is prepopulated with default values for ten different questions. Adjust these values based on your individual circumstances to change the expected value creation.
  • Note that, by default, this calculator assumes that you will use the HSA as a “stealth IRA” and withdraw the entire amount in retirement for non-qualified expenses. You can change this assumption in question 10 below.

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