Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing, With Whitney Elkins-Hutten

Real estate can offer significant tax efficiencies when added to a long-term portfolio. But there are lots of nuances that can create headaches if not handled properly.

Whitney Elkins-Hutten joins Michael to discuss five ways that real estate can generate tax efficiencies for investors.

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Episode Highlights

  • Five ways that investors can use real estate to enhance the tax efficiency of their portfolios.
  • Discussion of tax arbitrage opportunities related to hiring your children.
  • Why depreciation can be such a powerful tool, and how savvy real estate investors can maximize the benefit.
  • Opportunities to delay or even eliminate capital gains taxes through 1031 exchanges and other mechanisms.
  • Overview of the different entity structures available, including S-Corps and LLCs.

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Today’s Guest: Whitney Elkins-Hutten,

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Michael Johnston

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