Backdoor Roth IRA Calculator

The Backdoor Roth IRA is a popular strategy for high earners that allows them to shield additional portions of their portfolios from taxes each year.

As with any tax strategy, the Backdoor Roth involves some “costs” in the form of illiquidity and complexity. So it’s important to understand the value that this strategy creates in exchange.

How To Use This Calculator

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    • To modify, make a copy and save to your personal Google Drive
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  • This calculator runs three scenarios:
    • Scenario #1: You invest in a taxable account.
    • Scenario #2: You make a nondeductible (after-tax) contribution to a Traditional IRA, but don’t convert it to a Roth.
    • Scenario #3: You make the nondeductible (after-tax) contribution to a Traditional IRA, and then convert to Roth (this is the Backdoor Roth strategy).
  • Change the inputs in blue to see how your results change.
  • Because the results of the three scenarios are at a point in the future, an assumption about inflation can be used to approximate the wealth creation in today’s dollars.

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